This New Year, I thought of gifting myself a new phone. Initially I was way too confused for
I couldn’t understand which phone I should buy. Whenever we buy a phone, we look for
certain specifications and I honestly cannot take a risk of buying a phone with lesser
specifications. For being a blogger,

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Chantilly Lace Saree

Hola! I hope you like my previous blog on the Red Lacy Bridal Lehenga in association with Intrika.
Yet again, I’m blogging about another piece of ethnic wear i.e., Saree.
Intricate and detailed sarees introduced by designers at Fashion Week set out a trend of Lace sarees. These sarees have

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Forrest Essentials

Hola! This time around I thought of doing a beauty blog! And beauty doesn’t mean make up products! Our Skin also needs pampering! And this time around I got my hands on Forrest Essentials teenage skin cream.
  Ayurvedic scriptures suggest that skin care should start at a young

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Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Hola, lately, I was caught up with my college students’ union work so unfortunately I couldn’t blog! So yes, it’s been a long time since I blogged last! xoxo
If you follow my blogs often! You must have realised that I try to blog on different things! So this time around,

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