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Hola! Welcome back to my blog! You have probably heard of Amway, a brand that has been a part of many Indian households for more than two decades. Though I knew about the brand’s personal care products, I also got to know how the brand now has an expansive product portfolio that includes nutrition, home care, skincare and beauty. The skincare…

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Trip to Abu Dhabi!

  Hola, I hope you all are keeping well! It’s been a long time since I blogged!  This is why, I thought of blogging about my travel experience at Abu Dhabi, United Emirates of Arab.  Before I explain my experience here is a brief about Abu Dhabi:  Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city of the…

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Delhi Airport

Hello Folks, welcome back to my blog! I hope everything is beyond awesome at your end. This time around I thought of blogging about something different! Thus, in this blog you won’t find anything related to outfit stuff or features of phone but my impeccable experience of Delhi Airport. Honestly, I love travelling and clearly airport matters alot because we…

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Vivo Phone


This New Year, I thought of gifting myself a new phone. Initially I was way too confused for I couldn’t understand which phone I should buy. Whenever we buy a phone, we look for certain specifications and I honestly cannot take a risk of buying a phone with lesser specifications. For being a blogger, I tend to travel a lot! Thus,…

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