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Floral Print for this Spring Season

Hey Folks, back with my another blog! This time around, it’s all about floral print because it is any day better than monochrome or plain print! For brights shades make fair ladies look all the more gorgeous. Floral print never goes out of fashion! You can either wear a floral dress or pair up your floral top with a jeans…

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Layer Up!

  Hey Folks, this blog focuses on why layering is important?! Oh well! In these pictures, I was wearing a black shorts with black top with long suede boots. A very simple look, too give this look a tint of class .. I layered it up with suede jacket. Sued because my long boots were also suede. The jacket gave…

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  Hey Folks! I’m back with another blog and this time it’s on a much trendy Patch Top! I got my patch top from Missa More Clothing! I paired my top with black shorts. It is not necessary to wear gum shoes/long boots with shorts in winters! We can also wear long black socks with boots which ¬†perhaps gives a…

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