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||That Casual Look||

  Hey Folks! Lately, I have decided to come up with a few short blogs in which I will be mentioning about the outfit’s colour combo, from where did I purchase the outfit and a little detail about make up.  So, here’s my first short blog on being a ‘Casual Chic’ In this one, I paired up white chic shorts…

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  Hey Folks! I’m back with another blog and this time it’s on a much trendy Patch Top! I got my patch top from Missa More Clothing! I paired my top with black shorts. It is not necessary to wear gum shoes/long boots with shorts in winters! We can also wear long black socks with boots which  perhaps gives a…

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The Shrug Story!

  Hey Folks! Back with my another blog! The exciting part about this blog is that it is a combined blog! As name suggests, the blog is all about how we can carry a shrug and create an edgy look with our plain outfit! Trust me, you won’t find any lengthy write-ups in this blog!  Shrugs comes in a variety!…

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