IL MURO is an Italy based fashion technology startup.

An Italy based fashion technology startup.

IL MURO is a software platform which will help models,designers,photographers and fashion brands to get connected with the world of glamour.

IL MURO selected in top 10% startups applied for international web summits like RISE ALPHA 2015 (Hongkong), RISE SURGE 2016 Feb (Bangalore), RISE COLLISION 2016 and Berlin based startup community.

In Simple words,”No 1 Platform For Models, Designers, Studios, Brands & Event Organizers To Get Connected With Fashion Industry “.


ILMURO promotes models/bloggers.

ILMURO helps promoting new user who wants to pursue modelling.
Modelling requires Links. If you’re a freshface in the field of modelling without links. Chances are very slim for you to survive in the field. Hence, sources is what you need. Which perhaps comes from professional models or designers.
And IL MURO can help them in making their sources!
IL MURO will connect models to top fashion brands and designers across the world.
Since, a photographer plays an important role when it comes to modelling or blogging. IL MURO will allow models/bloggers registered with them to cover photoshoots in reasonable price with quality.
Coming to blogging!
It is important for a blogger to connect with other bloggers on a social portal and learn about their way of style. A blogger needs to write each n every detail of their outfit. A fresh blogger can definitely learn about how to write blogs through this app. Professional bloggers can help fresh bloggers by telling them how to go about in this field!

IL MURO helps designers as well.

IL MURO not only helps models to connect with the fashion designers across the world. But also helps fashion designers in searching suitable models for their designs. Designers who register with IL MURO can search models for their designs and event organizers for their shows in easy way. Isn’t amazing?

So it’s not just models or bloggers who will gain profit. IL MURO will ease a fashion designer’s work to find a suitable model for their respective design as well.


IL MURO promotes brands & event organisers.

By using this software platform fashion brands can search good models across the world and they can even check availability which will save a lot of time for both parties.
Fashion brands can co ordinate with event organizers to conduct fashion shows and other International /National events which saves a lot more in their revenue by avoiding 3rd parties.
So basically, its not just bloggers or models or designers who can gain profit from this social portal. Even brands can save their time and gain profit because of IL MURO.
 IMG_6941 (1)
Hence, IL MURO is an Italian based fashion startup. A platform for models, fashion designers, studios, brand and Event organisers to get connected with Fashion Industry.
I don’t think that any app can fetch profit to so many professions at the same time. Download IL MURO and experience that limelight! Connect yourself with the bloggers/ models on this social portal.Learn about their experiences! Get famous with them.
A very interesting fact about IL MURO, is that lately Natasha Stankovic gave her details to her manager asking him to make her profile on IL MURO. Well what are you waiting for? Download IL MURO app and connect with Natasha today:)
You can follow them on instagram- Ilmuro.in


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