A wedding is a milestone of one’s life, for them and their loved ones. It is indeed a day to celebrate and cherish. Here I introduce you with an organisation  that orchestrates wedding events that are truly magical, memorable and one-of-a-kind! And that is  Wedzo –  The organization that helps in moulding and shaping one’s vision to design and craft their dream wedding by providing extra-ordinary services of the best vendor’s of India.

The team aims to make the special day of loved ones extra special by expertise, finesse and eye for detail of all the services by the vendor’s that people hire through Wedzo. Also, don’t confuse Wedzo with a Wedding Planner. It is a platform that provides vendor’s information and helps vendor’s to connect with the client. Thus it is helpful for both the client as well as the vendor.

Wedzo provide you the best of the resources and contacts, organizational abilities and all the required wedding services such as decoration, logistics etc. by the country’s best vendors to give you a perfect wedding. It is a team of professionals and work extremely in a diligent way and leave no stone unturned to make it a whimsical wedding by getting people the best services of different vendor’s, they have been looking for.

Because of Wedzo, you don’t have to approach different vendor’s and can get all your services done through one app itself! 
13501952_1062301713839935_7585558201667288177_nIt empowers couples around India with the inspiration and means to plan a bespoke wedding worthy of their love with the best of services they have been looking for.

By providing extraordinary services, Wedzo helps in making the theme wedding truly spectacular. Wedzo take pride in providing services by vast network of talented vendors who share their own vision of delivering more convenient and creative whimsical wedding solutions. The team make each wedding unique and different from others according to the theme. Wedzo ensure superior service for their esteemed clients. They manifest your ideas, style and use their creative services to make the wedding trendy, glamorous and grand. After all, weddings are made in heaven. Even organizing them should feel like one!
And thus, Wedzo strive to be the best at what they do.

Wedzo is designed for the tech-savvy, global minded modern couples who are on the top of the latest trends in the wedding industry.shutterstock_289207715

Wedzo provide you with the means to design, plan and organize your dream wedding.

The team provides you with the services which are tailored to go above and beyond to help you create an exceptional celebration on your big day.

They empower the couple’s inspiration by guaranteeing a more personal touch to reflect their sense of style.

Wedzo allows you to combine your own values and personality with their free wedding app to capture your vision for your celebration.

The team takes pride in their vast network of talented vendors who work along with them, and share their vision of delivering more convenient and creative wedding solutions.

For Indians, Wedding is an auspicioumaxresdefaults occasion. Most Indian weddings are full of jewel tones, ornate mandaps, and lavish floral arrangements, having a wedding with delicate ribbons, floating lanterns, and sparklers is just as gorgeous. We have got many funshutterstock_195824246-Jaruek-Chairakctions to celebrate, which requires a lot of things like photography, catering, gorgeous garlands, flower decorations etc. We Indians celebrate it like a festival wherein the entire neighbourhood undergoes a huge transformation.

To make it lavish, we tend
13501997_1062302640506509_2358945577841141241_nto get everything different in order to make the special day more extravagant. However, in hurry we tend to approach vendor’s which perhaps doesn’t get the services done according to our expectations. And then people in our immediate surroundings, tries to help us by coming up with different ideas which eventually confuses us all the more. Also, many a times people get the services at higher rates! And going out of the budget for the work which could have been done at a reasonable rate makes no sense! Hence, WEDZO is a platform that provides vendor’s information and help vendors to connect to the clients and vice versa. Thus, from one organisation, you can fetch the best services by the best vendors in the occasion that too according to our budget.



You might be thinking .. Why Wedzo ? And why not any other organisation?

Well, that is because Wedzo is perhaps popular for its extensive eye for detail in regard to everything. You get all the services done under one organization that too according to your budget and according to your taste without surveying much. It makes it more easy for you and for the vendor’s as well! Wedzo talk to the organizations from where you wish to get services and negotiate on your behalf. Rather, it helps you to get services from better organizations.


Yes! Vendor’s who thinks that they can provide the best of their services can contact Wedzo as well!


And then organising a wedding in India is not an easy job. A guest list with hundreds of people, decorations, managing the logistics will be tedious and scary. A wedding planner helps you go through all these scary scenarios with ease. They help you get you perfect wedding without you sweating for the small details. Hence, Wedzo is hands down the best platform to get all the services done ! GO WEDZO!


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    by Ishaan Kapoor

    I don’t know about Whimsical works about Wedzo! But you’re really doing an outstanding job! keep shining love :*

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