Hey folks! Since, I promised to post about all the make-up products that I will be carrying with me to the beauty pageant.. Here I am with the blog! Okay so, this is my very first blog on make-up! And trust me, I’m not at all a make-up junkie. It’s just that being part of a beauty pageant, it is essential for you to have all the make-up products with you. The beauty pageant isn’t just about your gorgeous face or how toned your body is, it is much more than that! You have to get ready for the grooming sessions everyday just like you’re getting ready for the final day! And that is because you’re being judged on everyday basis by all the people who take your grooming sessions. Hence, your make-up shall always be on point! So here are the basic products that I carried with me to the beauty pageant i.e., Campus Princess, which is perhaps a sub contest of Miss Diva which takes you to Miss Universe, India. It was a 12 days programme where 22 girls from different states participated and you can qualify for Nationals only if you clear the preliminary round which is being conducted in your respective states. So, my blog is all about the products that I carried and I ain’t posting any picture with make up on. This blog is all about the products which are MUST-HAVE. To begin with ..


Professional Brushes!

There are many benefits to using brushes instead of your fingers to apply makeup. You’ll get a much more even coverage using a brush, and a better polished finish. It’s also more sanitary to use a brush, and this is especially important for acne-prone skin as it will help you prevent breakouts on your face. Just remember to wash your brushes frequently to remove dirt and buildup from the bristles. Most brushes can be washed with baby shampoo and warm water, but check packaging instruction for best results. 

Brushes are more earth-friendly, too! Taking care of  high quality professional make up brushes means you’ll have them around for years to come. You won’t have to remember to buy makeup wedges or deal with shedding cotton swabs during your morning routine. So you’ll be going green while giving yourself a better finished look.

Most of these professional brushes are from Forever 21.


It is essential to carry your lip-balms for you never know the weather change of the city you’re visiting to might bring cracks in your lips. Thus, lip balms always help you to have smooth lips. I keep on collecting lip balms from various companies.

Here in the picture, you can see 4 small round-in shape lip balms, the one in yellow is from The Body Shop, the one in brown and golden is Nutella lip butter from The forest essentials and both of them are highly recommendable from my end! Other two round lip balms are extremely glossy and I got them from Australia. 

The other small four-sticks that you can see in the picture also helps you to have smooth lips. The Baby lips are the most famous among them and is certainly a Must-have 😉 Other three are similar to the baby-lips, just taste of the other three are different! One has got a mint taste another one blueberry :p There’s no major difference among these four products.

The One in purple and Mint green are from Island kiss. The best part about these two is that they’re 100% organic in nature.

And the peach revlon is a Lip-gloss which also helps in giving you plump lips.


My new favorite Kohl from Maybelline which gives you a matte look and can also be used as a matte eyeliner, Company provides the brush-stick along with the kohl! I usually use eye-liner of Maybelline which gives me a glossy look! This time I tried my hands on eyeliner stick from HR, it is a complete smudge proof eye-liner and gives you matte finish! For eye-lashes, Colossal Maybelline Mascara is higly recommended!

The Illuminator

Please ignore the picture, my products got screwed when they were in bag and my other highlighter leacked :p So yeah! The highlighter which people recommend me is from Bobby brown, but because I didn’t have time to buy it! I took these two along! The highlighter by Faces is extremely effective! It highlights your cheek bones and gives an extra-ordinary look! The Illuminator from Miss Claire is also a Must-have! It adds a sparkle to your face! And complete your look! The Naked Shimmering Bronzing Powder acts like a cherry on the cake. It blends the highlighter, because alot of sparkly face doesn’t looks good! Thus, the shimmering powder settles the sparkle of illuminator in your skin and gives a refreshing look! Also, highlighters are not just meant for your cheek bones but can also be used for highlighting your jaw lines!

The Face-Pack!

    I also took the O3 face-pack along because by applying make-up for 12 long hours everyday, can make your skin look dull. This is why, I carried this with me to pamper my skin just the day before the finale in order to rejuvenate my face.The acne control face serum is way too effective and can make your skin glow!

Products for face!

Honestly, I rarely apply anything on my face. It’s just eye-make up that I do! But because foundation, conceal palette and CC creams has now become our need! I had to carry face products along!

For my face, I took along my Lakme CC cream, White Super Fresh Compact by Maybelline , Stay Matte Foundation from Rimme London, Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette from Nykaa and Lakme Perfect Radiance Face Serum to add glow to my face.



Buy Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette online in India Nykaa Nykaa - Mozilla Firefox 892016 83947 PM

Lip-Polish !

I’ve more lip-colours than what you can see here. All the colours are from different brands! Be it NYX, Revlon, Kylie Lip-colour, Matte Me, Lakme or Miss Claire! There’s no specific brand that I’d recommend!

Moisturizer, Toner and Cleanser

These three are a Must-Have! I’ve always sticked to Lakme for cleanser or a moisturizer. This time I tried my hands on Biotique which is Ayurvedic in nature and is really good for skin. I like the way the moisturizer makes my skin soft and glowing. Among the three, toner is my most favorite product.

Make-up Sponges

I got these make-up sponges from Forever21! Extremely soft to use. And also includes nail-polish sponges! Again they’re extremely useful and soft to use. Also, always carry more than 2 sponges on a trip and clean them properly before using them for it is important to maintain your hygiene level when applying make-up.


Other necessary things that I took along with me to the pageant were perfume, face wipes and nailpaints as well. I usually prefer using nailpaint of Revlon or maybe Lakme. However, I’d like to mention specifically about the Colorbar Matte Nailpaint . It makes your nails look extremely gorgeous!

Buy Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette online in India Nykaa Nykaa - Mozilla Firefox 8102016 72114 PM

So yes.. do try it once. I think, it has now become a necessity to have a sample perfume for you can keep them in your pocket very easily and can be used anywhere.

The sample perfume is from Victoria Secret and the other one is Black Sport which I generally used while our gym sessions were on :p


Coming to the blush, I prefer using cheek glow blush from Maybelline. However, this time I got my hands on the Dream touch blush which is again from Maybelline! I like the glossy part and yes it is way better than the other powder based blush.

Most important part of make-up is the eye-make up. So make sure, you carry your eyeshadow palette everywhere you go, be it a trip or maybe a shoot for blogging. Okay, honestly I’ve got a lot of eyeshadow palette’s but I took Maybelline The Nudes to the pageant for I knew, I will be applying dark lipstick with almost every outfit that I was carrying! And it is always suggested to wear light lip shade if you’re going for dark eye make up and vice-versa. The palette was extremely useful and the best part you can also use the shadows as your highlighter. So basically it serves two purposes and can be availed at very reasonable rates!


That’s it for the blog! Hope, you like my blog! Stay tuned for another blog :’) Also do share your reviews and tell me where I lack and I promise to correct my mistakes. Please don’t mind for the pictures with makeup products that were not clean 😛  Stay Healthy, Stay beautiful <3


  • Posted August 30, 2016 8:16 am
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    heyy saloni i really like d way uh maintained urself from hairs to ur clothes i luv it .. i just want to knoe how uh use dat lakme perfect radiance face serum .nd does it really gives glow to d face ?

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    I loved all the products. < 3 will try biotique products now.

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    you’re amazing!
    and specially the beauty u behold!
    all the best for ur upcoming life..
    Genuinely, this blog helped me a lot.. (not at all a makeup junkie)
    haha.. cheers!! ♥

  • Posted January 1, 2017 12:40 pm
    by Muskan

    Hi Saloni,
    This is a very brilliant article for individuals like me who are working and don’t have time to experiment with new products. The detailing of products has been done very effectively. I was interested in trying the O3 products but wasn’t sure if that would be good to go with. Keep up the good work 🙂

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    Heyy saloni you lok awesome

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    You wrote it beautifully. However, i have been personally using Lakme biotique since last 5 months and completely admire my skin after this.

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