Hola, lately, I was caught up with my college students’ union work so unfortunately I couldn’t blog! So yes, it’s been a long time since I blogged last! xoxo

If you follow my blogs often! You must have realised that I try to blog on different things! So this time around, I thought of blogging about the need of Hair Oil!

We young people feel that Hair oil gives us tacky look and eventually doesn’t makes us loo

k good! But trust me, we apparently are living under a misconception! It’s the hair oil that brings shine to your hair! Makes them look all the more gorgeous and thereby reduces a hair fall!

I honestly have used variety of hair oil’s in my whole life! But this time around, I got my hands on a Satthwa Premium Hair Oil! And trust me, Satthwa Hair Oil is so far the best hair oil that I have used! It is non-sticky, doesn’t makes your hair look tacky, reduces the hairfall, enhances hair growth and makes your hair all the more smooth and shinny!

 What else do we want from a hair oil ? 😉



Since, I have rebonded hair, I was experiencing a massive hair fall!!!! My whole family was after my life that I should get a hair treatment done from some doctor before I lose all my hair! However, I got to know about Stimulating Satthwa Premium hair oil! And within the span of one month, my hair fall reduced! I still can’t believe how it happened but it did! I’m so glad that I got to know about Satthwa hair oil! It almost did magic on my hair! And yet again, I’m loving my smooth hair!



Also, because of rebonding the chemicals made my hair all the more dry! And it was Satthwa Hair oil that helped my hair restore all the shinny look back!!

I would highly recommend Satthwa hair oil to you all! Girls and Boys you won’t regret using Satthwa hair oil! It is absolutely worth buying! So don’t wait, and go grab one bottle of Satthwa oil ASAP!

That’s it for the blog! Since, Action speak louder than words! After using this stimulating hair oil you will certainly get to know this oil’s worth and why you should choose Satthwa hair oil over any other hair oil!

So yes! Big Thumbs Up for Satthwa Premium Hair Oil!

You can use the following links to buy oil:


I hope my blog helped you all to understand the real value of hair oil! Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs! Till then Stay Beautiful <3 Stay Healthy <3


  • Posted June 4, 2019 9:37 pm
    by Sara Mahmood

    Hey. Where can I get this camouflage dress from?

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