Hello Folks, welcome back to my blog!
I hope everything is beyond awesome at your end. This time around I thought of blogging about something different! Thus, in this blog you won’t find anything related to outfit stuff or features of phone but my impeccable experience of Delhi Airport.

Honestly, I love travelling and clearly airport matters alot because we end up spending more hours at the airport than flights!
This is why to me Airport matters alot.

  • Lately, I was travelling to abroad. I always end up running errands when it comes to catching up my flight! However, this time around I reached Delhi airport a bit early.

And guess what? By far it was the best experience of my life! From gorgeous decor to endless duty free shops, everything was Perfect!!! 

Delhi airport not only fetches you with entertainment services but also numerous recreational services.

Honestly, till now all I know about Delhi airport was that we can buy liquor at an inexpensive rate from there! However, to my surprise Delhi Airport is much more than that!

The availability of innumerable duty free brands like Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Parcos etc is the best part about Delhi Airport.

 I’m a huge fan of Michael Kors, and 4 months back I purchased a MK watch for ₹15,000 from MK’s showroom which is in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

However, I came across the same watch at MK showroom of Delhi Airport and its cost was ₹11,500
This major DIFFERENCE!!!

Thus, reaching airport was indeed a right decision. Post shopping, I had ample of time to gobble up tasty food from the massive food court of Delhi Airport!

Spare some time on your next visit and you sure won’t be disappointed!
Do check ’em out at www.newdelhiairport.in

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  • Posted April 19, 2018 5:02 pm
    by Nilatpal

    Yes, you are right, I also noticed this same thing at New Delhi Airport T3. Actually, I didn’t buy anything from there, but I got some coupons on flight and so I went to the showroom after the I landed, and I really compared the price and found that MK Showroom are selling cheaper

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