Hola folks! I am back with another amazing blog. Lately, I have been travelling a lot. So here you go I have some really good tips and hacks for you on how you can take care of your hair while travelling.

Travelling around the world is wonderful, getting to know new people, make friends, eat mouthwatering cuisines, experiencing new cultures, finding out about local traditions and embracing different ways of living. But travelling also means making a lot of sacrifices and compromises regarding your body.
When it comes to summer or winters, our skin needs special care, and if you are travelling, then the changing environment causes it more damage.

There are many factors that take a huge part in damaging your hair starting from air-conditioners, city smog or pollution, bright sun, salty seawater and whatnot.
You cannot control the surroundings but you can prevent your hair from getting damaged. And not only you should take care of it during the travel, but you should also start well before your travels and possibly continue after you are long done with travelling.

follow these tips and hacks to protect your hair from getting damaged:

1) Prevention is the key: my friend
Try to avoid hair drier, straightener, or curling iron which helps massively.

2)Oil your hair: fella’s

Oiling your roots and tips is the best source of nourishment you can provide your hair while travelling. Argan oil or coconut oil is just beyond perfect for your hair it will work like wonder.

3)Use serum:

Girls are fond of different hairstyles like straightening and curling. Especially when a girl is travelling, there always will be a curling iron or straightener in her luggage. So here is a tip, use a serum before you use any hair damaging source to your hair. Use sun protection serum.


Don’t be lazy in combing your hair. prefer buying wooden combs for your hair. Plastic combs produce static electricity that results in breakage of your hair strands. Whereas wood is not a friend of 💡electricity.

5)protect your hair from chlorine;
Chlorine is found in the water of every pool and it is used to sanitise it and keep it safe from all the harmful bacteria. On your hair, however, chlorine can have a damaging effect by stripping away the natural oils that protect it. As a result, your hair becomes dry and brittle, and its colour starts to fade.
I hope you all find these tips helpful! Eat, Pray, Love 💕 is the best remedy.

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