Hey! to all my binge-watchers this time around I thought of giving you all the list of shows that I personally love on Netflix and have been binge-watching it almost daily.

1)Stranger Things:

So this one is my favourite. I love seeing stranger things because I love to watch shows mixed with some drama, horror, humour all and all with everything that spice up my imagination level and this show literally give me goosebumps whenever I watch it because in this series youngsters like us are unravelling some really extraordinary mysteries! So this show will keep you entertained and curious till the very end.

2)Orange Is the New Black:

This show is a comedy-drama series which show the women’s prison and hilarity of the down and horrifying injustice system in America, I highly suggest this show for people who are open-minded and enjoy to watch the reality of life with some added drama to it, this show is a roller coaster of emotions you can go from feeling disgusted straight into heat breaking empathy All in a matter of just one show.

3)Delhi Crime:

This show was the ugly truth of our society I felt so disgusted and strong on the same time after watching this show because this show is based on the gang rape that happened and which thoroughly shook the entire country, I recommend this show to everyone this show is a must-watch It won’t give you a breather and will stay with you for a long time.


From where should I begin about this extremely close to my heart show? I can just write tons & tons of good reviews about this show! Well in this totally hectic busy life we all are just worried and tensed about lots of things and this show literally gave me break from all my worries this show is entirely positive so soothing calming relaxing friends chilling with each other being a pillar for each other, this show is actually a true example of good friends that we all deep in our hearts need in our life so I recommend this show to everyone just start it and have the most amazing time of your life.

5) Gossip Girls:

This show is for all my gossip lover friends, because Admit it or not we all love some gossip and this show gives you an extreme level of curiosity that what will happen next? Which trust me you can’t even guess! Yes, folks, this show is totally and extremely unpredictable I enjoyed this show till the end and didn’t even lose my interest at any point.


This series is based on the fight against drugs in India, A series which will show you the crime that happens besides our perfect lives in the real world. This show was aired on Television back in 2010 but didn’t get much of attention that time but now when it is on Netflix this show has the most amazing reviews all over and is one of the best crime based show of India.

Money heist

Netflix’s global hit series La Casa de Papel (also known as Money Heist) rolled out its highly anticipated fourth season on April 3rd only to see it immediately soar to the number one most in-demand series in the world,
The plot rotates around eight burglars who endeavour the nerviest heist in the history ever. Their objective is to break into The Royal Mint of Spain upon the arrival of a school field excursion and remain in there for whatever length of time that it would take to print €2.4 billion in plain bills. The gathering is helped by the baffling Professor (Álvaro Morte) from the outside who is the real cerebrums behind the entire activity.

8) Riverdale:

This show is all about mystery and exciting events that you will keep on guessing that what will happen next? When I was watching this show I was so keen to know everything that I binged watched it whole day.

9) Sacred Games:

This series is a thriller based on Vikram Chandra 2006 novel of the same time, this show is so raw and addictive. The show has all the masala elements about Indian culture, history, mythology, what I personally love about this show is the commendable desi style performance of actors which is so pure and raw that I personally can never ever imagine that things like this even exist! So this one again is a must-watch.

10) Little Things:

So my list had to end with something romantic, this series is so nice and is based on the struggle that we face in our relationship. All the ups and downs and those real-life issues which everyone can easily relate with.

Hope guys will like a list of shows I am sharing, which one of these is your favourites? Comment down and tell me yours!


  • Posted March 28, 2020 6:10 am
    by Rajendraprasad

    Thanks for the info.. this is Dr.Rajendraptasad, can u plz give out a list of top 10 regional critically acclaimed films… it would b very helpful.. thank you

  • Posted April 21, 2020 4:49 pm
    by Prachi Agarwal

    Very helpful

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