2020 was an year of facemasks, sweatpants and slippers and let’s not make 2021 the same. It’s time to make a comeback and give major OOTD goals. So here are the most trending spring fashion must-haves for your wardrobe that will step up your game:

1. Let the SLEEVES give the STATEMENT!
This year is all about statement sleeves. Be it flounced or balloon sleeves, ruffle sleeves or cold-shoulder sleeves, statement sleeves are indeed stealing the spotlight. Pair these with either jeans, trousers or skirts, they are totally going to look gorgeous and elevate the outfit’s look.

2. PETALS at rescue!
The floral print trend, that too for springs, is evergreen. Shirts, dresses, skirts or anything with floral print increases the charm of every outfit.

3. The ‘Big Jeans’ Theory
Got used to your pajamas and can’t bear with tights anymore? Then these baggy jeans are definitely your thing. Take your baggy jeans and team up them with your favorite t-shirt or crop top and you are good to go. You can also add some accessories like neck chains and belt to make yourself look classy.

4. Let’s do BAGUETTES this time
If you already don’t have one of these then it is time you finally get one. Baguette bag is the definition of small yet multi-purpose handbag that can be used every single day. Experiment with different looks and rock it with a baguette !

5. Pastels can never go wrong
Lilac, pale pink or dusty blue, it is getting hard to decide. Pastel colors give your outfit a totally breezy look. This trend can make your summer a whole lighter and brighter. You can always pair pastels with white and minimal jewellery.

6. Keep calm and wear TIE-DYE
‘Nothing is as stylish as looking like you’ve been sneezed on by a unicorn’. Tie and dye co-ords, t-shirts teamed with denim, maxi dresses hit different every time and look very cute yet classy.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (10456724f)
Halsey out and about, Los Angeles, USA – 25 Oct 2019

7. Why fear when its SHEER?
If there’s anything we have learnt from street fashion and celebrities on the red carpet is that this see-through outfit trend is very doable and chic. You just need to be smart with the clothing that you wear underneath and you are good to go!!

And last but not the least, DON’T FORGET YOUR MASKS!!

Blog is written by Aastha Jha

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