“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This is so truly quoted by Benjamin Franklin and you must have heard about this in the early years of your school. But have you ever tried to implement this in your life? Have you ever tried waking up early in the morning or before sunrise and turning this into a routine?
From the very first day, I started waking up before sunrise and developed a solid morning routine, I don’t go to bed regretting how I spent my day. Even if I don’t do anything very productive someday, I at least sleep with a smile that I at least had a good and healthy morning. I at least made good use of my morning. A solid morning routine has long been the backbone of my self-care practice.

A healthy lifestyle starts every morning. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a healthy morning routine. The way you spend your morning can have a certain impact on the rest of your day. It has a certain impact on our mental, physical and emotional state for the rest of the day. If you practice a healthy routine, your body is less likely to get sick in the first place.  Here are some ways on how can you develop a healthy morning routine-
  • Get a good night sleep

To wake up happy the next morning, it’s important to have a good night’s sleep. Our bodies crave a good night’s sleep and to have that what you can do is make your bed a relaxing space. Do your best to clear all the unnecessary stuff from your bed. Do something very relaxing before sleeping. Try to go for a walk or just try to meditate. You can either write or listen to some good music.
  • Try to get up early

One very significant benefit of waking up early is reduced stress levels. Waking up early can give you adequate time for yourself. You can have some time with yourself. If you wake up early, you don’t have to rush for work. It just makes your life much easier and sorted. You can have adequate time for working out, breakfast and getting ready for the day.
  • Prefer water over caffeine

A cup of coffee or tea is the first thing many of us prefer to have in the morning because it gives us the energy to kick start the day. But it is equally important to take care of our basic health before we take in other healthy beverages. Because we lose water through our breath and sweat while we sleep, we usually wake up thirsty. Considering that the adult human body is comprised of up to 60% water, hydration is essential for good health.

What I generally do is drink a tall glass of warm water with two drops of Tulsi essence in it. Warm water, in general, detoxifies your body, aids in digestion, improves circulation and has innumerable benefits. Tulsi on the other hand improves immunity, skin health, heart health, liver health, joint health and so much more.  Honestly, over the period, I have fallen in love with how warm water feels to my body. For you to fall in love with warm water just try to feel how warm water goes through your gut and trust me, you will thank me later.   Dehydration can impact your focus, productivity and mood, so drink water!
  • Move your body

Early exercise will help you start your day with more energy, focus and optimism. Plus, after a morning workout, you are more likely to eat healthily and stay active throughout the day. Yoga is an ideal morning exercise. It energizes your morning routine. It can not only give you a physical lift but also an emotional lift. Another thing you can do to at least move your body is take a walk. You can also hit the gym in the morning. If you don’t have time then just stretch a bit, try to develop a 15 min routine just to move your body a little. Because working out in the morning can give you healthy fatigue at the end of the day which helps you sleep better.
  • Have a healthy breakfast

Eating a good and healthy breakfast is an essential part of a morning routine. It is important to break the night-long fast. When you don’t have anything in the morning, your body is like okay I need to conserve energy. So, it slows down the metabolism and you are likely to have less energy throughout the day. So, the important thing is that everyone must eat something to break this fast.
  • Minimize morning stressors

To make your mornings easier limit the number of decisions you make in the morning. Plan your day and lay out your outfit the night before, keep your phone away from you. Because it is tempting to start your day by checking your phone, messages, emails, etc. this can unintentionally affect the rest of your day.
I just hope that every morning of yours is a beautiful one. Whatever you do, is for yourself. Every good habit of yours is ultimately going to help you.  Therefore, it is high time that you should develop a healthy morning routine and practice a healthy lifestyle.
This blog is written by Prachi Khurana

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