There is no doubt that harsh winter weather can make your skin very dry. Winter brings in changes in temperature and humidity. The cold temperature and dry winds can deplete your skin’s natural moisture. But the right routine and few additions in your daily habits can lead to plump and soft skin.
There are a lot of products available in the market for retaining back moisture in your skin. There are many body lotions, face creams, masks etc available in the market but you either don’t wish to spend your money on them or you wish to switch to natural methods. In addition, switching to natural methods of self-care is always a good thing.
Whenever looking for anything in our lives, we wish things to be easily available as well as economical. Therefore, all the things mentioned below are easily available and budget-friendly.

1.  Milk, Milk cream (malai) :

 Whenever you are feeling that your skin is very dry, just layer your skin with a layer of milk or milk cream and let it dry. After it dries out, simply wash your face with water. And you will experience baby soft skin.

2. Coconut oil :

 From the kitchen to the bathroom, coconut oil has a big role to play in our lives. The application of coconut oil hydrates and smooths skin, reduces fine lines and soothes irritated skin.

3. Olive oil:


Olive oil is not just good for health but also has a lot of benefits for the skin. Applying olive oil to the skin will leave your skin plump and lock in its moisture.

4. Honey:

 Honey is used in innumerable face packs and hair masks. For the simplest use, just slather a layer of honey on your face or any other dry part. Let it dry and wash it off. Regular use will banish dry and dull skin forever.

5. Papaya :

 Ever heard of papaya being good for your health! I hope you won’t be surprised if I tell you about how good is papaya for your skin. Papaya can provide moisture to your skin, reduce signs of aging, help combat acne and dark circles.

6. Curd :

 Curd is also a great moisturizer for the skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but also helps in tightening pores, lightening dark circles, evening skin tone and minimizing signs of premature aging.
 Disclaimer: If your skin is prone to acne and pimple breakouts, you should stay away from all of these ingredients as they are greasy and oily. Also, try them before ensuring that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients.
This blog is written by Prachi Khurana

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