Hair massages are the best, aren’t they? I highly cherish all the head massages I get from my mother and while getting a hair massage, I just close my eyes and live that moment to my fullest.
Oil massages have been considered important for hair care, body and general well-being. A newborn baby’s entire body is massaged regularly for better blood circulation, flexibility, relaxation and strengthening the immune system.
 But as we grow old, we even avoid putting oil into our hair. We tend to find it sticky and not cool. We rather tend to go for other chemical treatments into our hair to improve hair quality. Using various shampoos, conditioners and serums may not seem to work all the time, and may even cause more damage than good.  Rather than going for chemical methods, one should try to go for natural methods like using a homemade mask, hair oil or just trying to include such stuff in your diet that can benefit your hair quality.
One such DIY hair oil, I tried at home along with my mother and grandmother and we genuinely loved the results. It’s so easy to make and the ingredients used in the making are easily available and highly affordable.
 This hair oil requires four basic ingredients that are available in every Indian household. The hair oil comprises coconut oil, curry leaves( kadi patta), fennel ( kalonji) seeds, and aloe vera. And yeah, that’s it. Take a pan, pour some coconut oil into it. Add a few pieces of aloe vera, curry leaves, and fennel seeds. Heat the entire mixture to its boiling point. As soon as it starts boiling, turn the flame off. Let it cool down. After this mixture cools down, put it in a bottle. And you are good to go. Gently massage this hair oil a night before hair wash into your hair.
Aloe vera strengthens your hair. Coconut oil provides moisture to your hair and heals breakage. Fennel seeds help in increasing hair growth. Curry leaves keep your hair healthy and strong. This hair oil is so herbal yet so potent.
Disclaimer: Before using the hair oil, kindly ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned. Also, the stuff that works for me doesn’t need to definitely work for but you can always try.
This blog is written by Prachi Khurana

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