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You have probably heard of Amway, a brand that has been a part of many Indian
households for more than two decades. Though I knew about the brand’s personal
care products, I also got to know how the brand now has an expansive product
portfolio that includes nutrition, home care, skincare and beauty. The skincare and
beauty brand by Amway is known as Attitude and I recently had a chance to attend
one of their events.
I visited the Gurgaon office of Amway and the way they manufacture skin care
products is just unbelievable! The hygiene factor of their office is incredible. I'm
currently obsessing over all the products of Amway that comes under the range of
'Attitude'. The name itself got me intrigued.
The event was for the launch of 3 ad films that reflect the essence of the brand.
Driven by the thought ‘Don’t Limit My Attitude’, these films celebrate the
young women of today who don’t want to conform to norms that have been
laid out by society for time immemorial.
Our society has and will always have an opinion about what women should
and should not do. But the modern Indian woman not only knows what she
wants to do, but knows exactly how to go about achieving it and does it so
with aplomb. She also doesn’t feel the need to stand on a soap-box and preach to the world that she has changed and needs to be taken seriously. Women
with “Attitude” go about their business with great deal of style and cheekiness
to boot.


                         Take a look at the videos and enjoy the twist in the tales.
As we understand it commonly, Attitude is a tendency to respond positively or
negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an
individual's choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards.
Since we deal with stereotypes a lot in our surroundings who are constantly trying to
limit our attitude or in other words trying to suppress our opinion, Amway decided to
launch a make up collection under the name of 'Attitude'
This range is not only pocket friendly but also safe to use on skin! Thus, to all the
make up junkies out there, if you want to splurge and buy a ton of skin care products
that you need, you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket plus these products are
absolutely safe to use on skin.




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