Hola folks! I am back with another exciting blog. Marking 4 years of my blogging career. Here’s a post dedicated to my top 15 best blog posts. For those of you who do not know how I started with my blogging career. So here’s a flashback🍁 I completed my degree in Political Science (Hons)in 2017 from Delhi University. During my graduation period, I was vacationing hard and started writing for fashion posts that’s how I got a chance and its one of my greatest achievement. I was invited to cover London Fashion week from India in 2016, From that point forward there is no looking back.

In 2018 I was invited to promote Abu Dhabi tourism industry, for that, I headed out to Malaysia as the only chief fashion blogger from India at the launch of Omania perfume in 2018. Aside from that, I am also felicitated as Best Fashion Influencer at the Indian High Commission of London, the United Kingdom in 2018.

And now I am working with one of the finest brands like GMR Delhi Airport, Flipkart, Mac, Myntra, Lays India, Cox and Kings Tourism, Garnier and the rundown goes on.

I highly believe Fashion is Art and you are the Canvas! Hey there! Saloni Sehra this side, hailing from the beautiful city of Delhi. I’m a Fashion Blogger, a Confluence and a brand Collaborator. Apart from that, I’ve achieved the title of Times Clean n Clear Freshface’14 and Campus Princess Miss Delhi’16.

A lot has happened in the past years. Travelling has changed and enriched my life in so many countless ways. I feel so blessed to be able to travel and the ultimate realization that you have finally arrived in a place you have dreamt for so long.

Life is a beautiful journey and all the moments you collect and all the experiences you have the people you met, the mouthwatering cuisine you eat, the cultures you explore and the memories you make which you can cherish your entire life.


To work so long & hard and then to see the result of your hard work. It is an extremely proud moment for someone like me to be able to achieve such loyal followers who have been my true, supporters.

Sharing some of my greatest achievement & awards:

Check out my top blog posts down below♥️♥️🌠

Thanks for reading, whether you’re new or a long time reader I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I mean that more sincerely that I can express.♥️This post is dedicated to this wonderful girl♥️♥️ who work so hard every single day & continue to inspire so many people💫♥️with her dedication.

Learning to be thankful and regularly expressing gratitude is an important part of personal happiness. Being thankful gives us an appreciation for what we have. Even when you don’t feel like you have much to be thankful for, it can be humbling to realize that there is someone out there in this world of 6 billion people who would look at your life and trade places with you in a heartbeat.



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