COVID 19, one of the deadliest viruses has incurred unforgettable losses to families, as well as immense slowdown and stagnation to economies worldwide. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is here to stay for a while, so do not let this virus stop you from doing what best can be done during these testing times. Do not lose hope and don’t let this virus weaken you. Lockdown is a temporary measure taken by government to slow down the spread of virus and to take appropriate steps to combat Corona in India.

Running a business during the COVID era has become quite stressful! The economy has seen quite a hit and many have even lost jobs due to a dearth of opportunities in the market.

So how do you cope with the lack of opportunities in the time of a pandemic? Well, you create your own opportunities by indulging in profitable business ideas.

There are some home based business startups that simply cannot go wrong. As long as you are able to channel the right profession and invest in a small business idea, you will be able to grow. If you are lacking inspiration or are unsure of your strengths that you could channel into a business proposition, we have got you covered.


When you have your idea think about your strategy for selling it. Three options are:

* Have a strong purpose
Having a strong purpose or “why” is a great idea whether there is a recession or not. It can create differentiation, competitive advantage and brand loyalty.

* Make it cheap
In general, people will have less money to spend and will be looking for cheaper alternatives to things they used to be able to afford.

* Make it long-lasting
People know if they buy cheap, they buy twice so there are always some trends in recessions to spend a bit more on higher-quality items particularly if this is something you need to last for a long time and that you will be getting more use out of, for example, garden furniture, cooking equipment or home decor.

There are a few home based business ideas to indulge in during COVID-19 that wouldn’t go wrong.

* Home Bakery
During the lockdown, a majority of people have indulged in baking. Remember the whole banana bread obsession? Well, people might have gotten over the phase and are currently occupied with newer things, it sure has planted the seed of a new home based business opportunity that you could consider. The investment for this home based business idea is quite less and you can promote your business with utmost ease, thanks to social media. It is easily one of the best ways to start something big. You would be surprised with the reception you will receive for the bakery business. Think of it this way, many are celebrating their birthdays in lockdowns and are trying to find ways to make the day special for everyone. With a bakery setting, you would actually be able to make someone’s day special and kickstart a home based business idea with low investment.

* Home Tutoring
Do you have a skill that might benefit someone? Can you tutor someone to learn a new skill which would benefit them? If you’re good at what you do, don’t hold back your knowledge! Let the world learn from you! From math tutoring to arts and craft classes, there are many courses that you can take up on social media and get paid for it too.

Students are struggling to reach schools and colleges amid COVID19 outbreak, their education is getting hampered with the passing of time.

To make the most of this situation; professionals with knowledge, skills and expertise in any specific field or subject can start online tuition or coaching classes for students. You just need to have a laptop, an internet connection and smartphone to start with online tuition classes.

* Freelance Writing and Editing
There’s a huge demand for freelance writers, as website owners need a steady stream of unique and valuable content to attract a following online. The key to the success of freelance writing business’ success is having the right clients from whom you can get steady and valuable projects. At a minimum, you will need a computer and internet connection for this work-from-home business. Most businesses prefer to deal with someone who is a specialist or an expert in their field — rather than choose a generalist. So you should pick a certain topic and become an expert in that field. Writing can take many forms — from resumes to feature articles to marketing materials and even scripts for videos. Also, if you’re good enough with grammar and punctuation, companies will pay you to be a freelance editor.

* Web Designing
With so many businesses rushing to get online, web and graphic designers are in great demand. A course and training in web design and a sense of aesthetics is needed to create attractive, useful websites for all kinds of organizations. There are many freelance web and graphic designers who are enhancing their profile and doing the job for a client that any agency would otherwise charge a bomb. You have the flexibility of work hours, work schedules and projects too. All you need is a fast and efficient computer system. That might be your only investment when you’re rooting for this home based business idea. In case you have great imagination but not the technical bandwidth to work as a graphic designer, you can always take up online courses and learn the skill. It will be very beneficial to you and will definitely help you start a new home based business idea during COVID-19.

* Soap, Candles and Lotion making
Here’s something interesting. Aside from cooking and tutoring, another interesting activity that people have been indulging in is creating new products to sell them. Sure, face masks have been one of the biggest selling products, there have been other creative new ideas too making way.

People have been trying to amp up the zen appeal of their homes by purchasing scented products and candles. This brings us to an interesting business idea that you could try out.

Soap and lotion making business, not only is it an easy process that you can make at home but it would also require very less investment from your side. In fact, depending on how well your soap and lotion making business does, you can further expand it with scented candles, body butters, DIY moisturisers and more. The business expansion is something you can think about in the future. For now, growing your business in this field could be quite rewarding as long as you produce and package it perfectly well.

* Fitness Trainer
With gyms and fitness centres closed owing to the lockdown, people are missing out on every kind of sporting activity, regular workouts and peer interaction.

Their fitness is a matter of concern for them, who are more than willing to pay to keep themselves fit and occupied.

Hence, opening a fitness class for people on a virtual platform could be one of the best home business ideas in the time of coronavirus. You can offer indoor training and fitness classes through an online video conferencing system from the comforts of your home. First of all, you need to work on an attractive website/page that will attract people to join your regimen. You can customize your classes based on their age group and any special needs. There is a range of free online exercise tutorials available for different age groups on YouTube. Take your pick from specialty designed workouts, diet, warm-up sessions, dance, and mind and body wellness programs.

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